About Us

We are empowered with the skills and capabilities that can transform this nation and make it a better place for our future generations.

Saving Energy Saves You Money

Renergy Systems India (P) Ltd is a company started by a group of go-getting youngsters who have years of creditable experience in this domain. We provide consulting, engineering, contracting, erection, commissioning and technical support to a wide spectrum of clients ranging from households to corporate giants. Moreover, we help companies dealing in the similar field with manpower, technical expertise and marketing support – a testimony to our trustworthiness in this domain.


We had a humble beginning as an electrification firm and later we extended our reach to renewable energy as we realised that energy deficit is one of the biggest crises that our nation is going to face in the coming years. We crossed milestones year after year and we believe this could not have been done without the cooperation and trust our esteemed clients reposed in Renergy. Today, we are one of the trusted firms in this discipline who deal with a wide variety of renewable energy products, services, support and accessories.

Renergy Systems India (P) Ltd brings you a wide range of solutions from standalone solar rooftop panels for small households and businesses to massive solar panels to power large-scale firms. We look forward to transform the lives of millions of Indians by making renewable energy (solar and wind energy) accessible to all sectors of the society. Our motive is to equip business units to generate energy to meet their requirements in a cost-effective way. If we can make individual households and business units self-sufficient in energy, it would be a major boost to our nation as we get less dependent on conventional energy which is fast becoming a crisis

With the aforementioned approach we can not only provide clean and cost-effective energy to millions of people but also enhance India’s efforts to accomplish energy security. Moreover, alternative energy sources are the way out to fight global warming.

We have already signed strategic alliances with various institutions to provide renewable energy in the most effective way. We provide tailor-made solar and wind solutions to illuminate homes, streets and communities. Reliable renewable energy can be provided to sectors ranging from education, IT, small-scale to large business units, healthcare etc.

We provide most efficient and reliable solar and wind products available in the market. The products we deal with are designed in such a way as to deliver clean and reliable energy day after day without fail. Our proven expertise backed by some of the most experienced engineers on board assures a winning formula for anyone who seeks our services.

Renewable energy is clean, green and sustainable. It goes without saying that solar energy and wind energy are the two major areas that not only our country, but the whole world is looking forward to. Solar energy has already made a huge impact on India. The number of people opting for solar energy is increasing day by day. Millions of Indian homes are lit every night by stand-alone solar home lighting systems and solar powered micro-grids. Solar cooking solutions fulfill the cooking energy needs of schools, hostels and residential areas.

We are more than happy to share our expertise and experience with individuals or institutions who want to partner with us in making surplus energy through renewable sources. It is high time we joined hands and work together in this noble endeavour and transform this vision into reality for a better tomorrow.

At Renergy we know only too well that a change is inevitable, a change that understands the dreams and desires of a common man, a change that revolutionizes the day-to-day lives of millions of people, a change that incorporates simplicity and sustainability.

We are empowered with the skills and capabilities that can transform this nation and make it a better place for our future generations.

Be a part of this technology that creates ripples across the world.


Self-sustainable electricity in every household and in the long-term be the torchbearers of reverse metering. What we mean by reverse metering is if the consumer produces more power than is being consumed, electricity meter runs backward, generating credits. Although reverse metering system is a new concept in India, this programme is successfully working in countries like Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain, Denmark and United States.


At Renergy our mission is to provide renewable energy products to every household. We believe our earnest mission can be achieved only by raising awareness among us regarding this God-sent energy resource. At the base level, we aim to equip them to generate electricity on their own in accordance with their financial means and later help them climb up the ladder as they start reaping rich dividends out of their initial modest investment. We aim to make our services available to students, villages, schools, orphanages, public places etc. In all probability, energy crisis in India is only going to deepen as time goes by, so it goes without saying that the future prospect lies in renewable energy resources. With our small effort we aim to make the planet clean, green and sustainable.