Maintenance & Support - FAQ

A group of well trained and skilled team of Engineers helps in providing prompt support for all products sold and all installations. Personnel at dealer organizations trained extensively to attend to all problems and provide effective troubleshooting

The solar pumping system is widely used for sea island water supply, desert controlling,  daily life water supplying, agricultural irrigation, forest irrigation, farm irrigation, waterscape, and water treatment projects.

No, you can’t.  Our solar pump inverter  works only with 3 phase AC pumps rated for 380V or 220V.

No, it does not need any battery. In a way, water storage replaces battery.

  • Set up a maintenance schedule. Four times a year is recommended.
  • Fix a dedicated test kit with needed tools, test equipment and spare parts.
  • Keep documentation about the system in one accessible place
  • If you want to run your equipment exactly to the manufacturer’s specifications, you must use a power source with a pure sine wave output.
  • The benefits of running equipment and appliances on a pure sine wave include:
  • Generates less electrical noise in the  equipment. Means no lines on your T V set and no hum in your sound system.
  •  Equipment and appliances lasts longer.
  •  Equipment and appliances run cooler and more efficiently.
  •  “Modified sine wave” or “Quasi  sine wave” products provide a fluctuating output voltage that is suitable for powering only a limited selection of loads.
  • To avail the specified AH rating of the battery, we need to  discharge C10 battery in 10 hours and C20 battery in 20 hours.
  • A 150 AH battery at C20, will last for 20 hours on a load of 7.5 A.
  • A 150 AH battery at C10 will last for 10 hours on a load of 15 A.
  • Please follow the preventive maintenance procedure given in our manual.
  • Take additional protection if it is a lightning – prone area.
  • Take care during transportation.
  • Check the electrical wirings.
  • Follow the installation procedure given in the manual.

Solar installation professionals can help you to determine the type and size of the system most suited for your needs.

To avail maximum economic benefit, It is always better to use solar power directly (day time) for the load instead of storing energy in the battery and then using that for the load.