R&D and Training

We are empowered with the skills and capabilities that can transform this nation and make it a better place for our future generations.

PG Diploma in Renewable Energy

PG Diploma in Renewable Energy. After the completion of this 4 months course the student can design, develop and repair all most electronics gadgets related with renewable energy especially solar Power plants and DC Systems. Course duration 4 months (320 Hrs.) Qualification B.Tech / BE in Electronics / Electrical.

Course Content

  • Circuit and PCB Designing. 80Hrs

    Design and Constriction of Rectifier Circuits, Amplifier circuit, Oscillator circuits and leaner Circuits. PCB designing using CAD.

  • Power Electronics. 80Hrs.

    Study and Application of Passive Power Components, Power Device – Diodes, Thyristors, Transistors, MOSFETs, IGBTs special devices like optocouplers , Integrated Circuits and modules. Circuit design and Study of Inverters UPS MPPT etc…
  • Embedded Systems. 80Hrs.

    Programming and Interfacing of Atmel and Microchip Device. Constriction of measuring Device – Volt meter, Ammeter, Watt meter and Frequency meter. GSM based Remote Monitoring System, Charge controllers.
  • Renewable Energy system. 80Hrs.

    Study of different types of Renewable Energy system. Construction of DC lighting Kit, Lantern, Gate lamps Assembling and Servicing of UPS and Inverter. Live practical on Off Grid and Grid tie project

Research and Development

Most of the Renergy products are designed and developed by our Research and Development (R&D) Department. Our R&D team consists of experienced technologists and engineers engaged in innovating, refining and developing products and solutions that enable our customers to better satisfy their clients’ and market’s needs.


Self-sustainable electricity in every household and in the long-term be the torchbearers of reverse metering. What we mean by reverse metering is if the consumer produces more power than is being consumed, electricity meter runs backward, generating credits. Although reverse metering system is a new concept in India, this programme is successfully working in countries like Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, Spain, Denmark and United States.


At Renergy our mission is to provide renewable energy products to every household. We believe our earnest mission can be achieved only by raising awareness among us regarding this God-sent energy resource. At the base level, we aim to equip them to generate electricity on their own in accordance with their financial means and later help them climb up the ladder as they start reaping rich dividends out of their initial modest investment. We aim to make our services available to students, villages, schools, orphanages, public places etc. In all probability, energy crisis in India is only going to deepen as time goes by, so it goes without saying that the future prospect lies in renewable energy resources. With our small effort we aim to make the planet clean, green and sustainable.